Monday, 19 October 2009


business cards

quite shamefully haven't posted on sea legs in what feels like a million years! so a slight catch-up on bigger projects:

SHOP: opened an etsy shop! i'd been planning on this for what feels like an age, & it's finally up & running.
WHAT I WORE TODAY: my contributions to a group where people post drawings of what they wore, started by gemma correll. i did one for every day in september. the group even got a tiny mention in the magazine grazia!
ITUNES A-Z: latest drawing project, which i need to get back into. nice to be drawing people. impressed that i've mostly draw guys so far too.

that's all for now. i'll try to keep up a little better, but it's hard with such a lack of free time.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Morning sunshine(s)

HAIRST: Halloween in Huntly is looking for your own made tattoo designs. ANYTHING GOES.

Tattoos will be created for the 1st of November, when there will be a fake Tattoo parlour in the Sq.

If you are up for it, then please send a jpeg (300dpi) of the design to

All artists that contribute tattoos will get a photograph of their designs in action, with someone wearing their newly acquired tattoo. We will also display them all, along with the artist's name on our website and facebook.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

If you are free...

Hi everyone, how's tricks? I am organising an event on Halloween and there abouts... If any of you are free and fancy coming up then you are welcome to crash at mine! Also Scotrail are doing a MEGA deal, and it would only cost you £15 return to Huntly from anywhere in Scotland... HAIRST: Halloween in Huntly, Aberdeenshire/// only 50mins away from Aberdeen!

31st of October - 8th of November 2009
Now in its 7th year, this unique festival celebrates the local harvest updates local Halloween traditions
in the North East of Scotland. The 2009 theme 'Let there be Light!' will see the Hairst turn
Huntly into a stage: illuminating the picturesque town with a light spectacle, lantern making and laughter!
Including collectives Ganghut and Now Now, a continental and farmers market, music from the Bum-Clocks and Catriona MacKay, a mass Michael Jackson 'Thriller' tribute and much more...
Check out the full programme at