Thursday, 22 January 2009

GO and have a SWATCH

My pal (and fellow Dundee 08 graduate) Ruby Pester is doing pretty well for herself and has a performance coming up on the 14th of Feb in Glesga. It is really well worth a look.

For more details check out...

Also don't know if any of you cats are still into the making of zines, badges, mixed tapes, packaging or any random crap. If so...


Wednesday, 7 January 2009

project #5

a collaborative project brought to you by booooooom & design for mankind. it's rather neat, so go have a look, you have until february 1st. i've chosen, like, twelve that i want to have a shot at. i'm not going to relay what it's about here because i'm pretty sure you can all read.



Now Now presents... Make It Break It. (Pass the poster on PLEASE).

Deadline for submissions is the 28th of February 2009 (11.14am). Successful applicants will be given the opportunity of a lifetime, to present/perform/exhibit/display/represent their own individual record breaking/making attempt. The show will take place mid-March in Glasgow. More details to follow.
Looking forward to hearing all your ideas. Kisses and that. Now Now

Ps. for some strange reason this poster is going a real funny colour. i have never seen a blue hot dog. suggestions PLEASE.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

take art leave art

i'd like to alert you to this. "take art leave art" was brought to my attention by an old deviantart friend tara harris. she & others are going to cover the walls of a gallery space with doodles & old drawings donated by artists & non-artists. the idea behind the show is that you view art, then take a piece replacing it with something of your own.

as you're donating your work, you won't receive any payment. after the show, those who sent work to be put up are being offered a randomly selected piece from the show in return, the postage of which tara has kindly informed me she'll pay. so of course, you should only send work you don't mind seeing the back of. perhaps you have some random scrawl you don't have the heart to bin, but don't know what to do with, or some test prints or such lying around.

i'm going to send my stuff out next monday, but thursday at the latest depending on my shifts at work. if anyone wants to send something along with mine, feel free to either give or send it to me, & i'll post it along with my stuff. let me know if you need my address. the show takes place here in february. i'll get tara to send pictures.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

hei matau

this fish hook symbolises strength, provision and safe travel over water. a maori symbol.

AS WE SPEAK (the return)

anybody been making any vids or know anybody that has?

cathy is looking for some more to show at the next AS WE SPEAK. it's a really good opp to get yerself oot there as the last one was a GIGANTIC success - the skinny previewed it with high acclaim, it was super busy and the CCA want AS WE SPEAK to run there. however cathy is sticking to her roots and to stereo, the great dancing place. it's FREE to get in so if you are kicking about glesga then you should pop by.

cathy can be reached AT:

oooo behave, it's the last of the noughties!

god, can you believe it guys... that's it now over 6months since finishing uni! how fast it's flown in. i'm with jen, i'd really like to see everyone's drawings and find out what you cats are up to. i pledge to put as much up as i can, and also let you know of any openings or events happening that might interest you guys.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. i am ALL about 2009. bring it on. it's going to be GREAT. xxx
h n y
yeah, that! i hope you've all has a tip-top festive season. now it's january & the traditional time for resolutions & all that jazz, whether you like it or not. i've got a list of twenty to-do's & promises so far (out of a goal of twenty three, like the brand new age i'll be), but perhaps one should be to better keep up with sea legs? & in turn, better keep up with my fellow doj illustrators, & share & draw & lovely things like that, etc. so i pledge to update sea legs AT LEAST twice a month. start small, but imagine how much more we could all feast our eyes on if we each updated even once a month. i know this will never happen (haha), but i plan on droning on a bit, you lucky boys & girls. & ali h has joined now, the more the merrier.

come on friends, post a drawing, you actually have ZERO excuses. happy january!