Sunday, 4 January 2009

h n y
yeah, that! i hope you've all has a tip-top festive season. now it's january & the traditional time for resolutions & all that jazz, whether you like it or not. i've got a list of twenty to-do's & promises so far (out of a goal of twenty three, like the brand new age i'll be), but perhaps one should be to better keep up with sea legs? & in turn, better keep up with my fellow doj illustrators, & share & draw & lovely things like that, etc. so i pledge to update sea legs AT LEAST twice a month. start small, but imagine how much more we could all feast our eyes on if we each updated even once a month. i know this will never happen (haha), but i plan on droning on a bit, you lucky boys & girls. & ali h has joined now, the more the merrier.

come on friends, post a drawing, you actually have ZERO excuses. happy january!


catrin jeans said...

yup yup yup. i'm there. see above girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

I know I know, my blog is now gone :( Decided to use Sealegs instead so I'll be posting more often. Jen...I still can't see the banner :( x

hellojenuine said...

definitely post! do it!
aww, goodbye blog of tracey.
i have no idea how to fix that damn banner! i am tempted to upload the image onto a usb & fix it on someone else's computer!