Tuesday, 6 January 2009

take art leave art

i'd like to alert you to this. "take art leave art" was brought to my attention by an old deviantart friend tara harris. she & others are going to cover the walls of a gallery space with doodles & old drawings donated by artists & non-artists. the idea behind the show is that you view art, then take a piece replacing it with something of your own.

as you're donating your work, you won't receive any payment. after the show, those who sent work to be put up are being offered a randomly selected piece from the show in return, the postage of which tara has kindly informed me she'll pay. so of course, you should only send work you don't mind seeing the back of. perhaps you have some random scrawl you don't have the heart to bin, but don't know what to do with, or some test prints or such lying around.

i'm going to send my stuff out next monday, but thursday at the latest depending on my shifts at work. if anyone wants to send something along with mine, feel free to either give or send it to me, & i'll post it along with my stuff. let me know if you need my address. the show takes place here in february. i'll get tara to send pictures.


catrin jeans said...

sounds loads of fun Jen. i like the idea that they have taken the elitism out of art by getting everyone involved and making the work less precious.

hellojenuine said...

i thought you might like it dear.

Lor said...

me too, sounds like a good way to start off the new year! (see i'm trying something new and normally id say no)! let me know your address and il pass something along x x