Wednesday, 3 September 2008

new site

hooray! now that other people have posted, i feel i'm allowed. i'm not going to recap on what i've done since uni; if you've not seen stuff already, you can read my blog. i've not got much in the way of finished pieces, but i've got lots of ideas floating around, something that - somewhat irritatingly - never happened at uni. but better late than never i suppose. one thing i'm starting to work on is a new website layout. i do like my current set-up (seen here) but i fancy going for something a bit more sleek, & with not quite so much work to view (less is more). i'll keep you updated, but as far as things have gone, i've decided to work with my two favourite colours, red & turquoise/teal/jade/sea blue/you-get-the-point. it's going fine so far, but you can never tell with web design.

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alex said...

SLEEK is defo the word! its so nice! well done jen! looking forward to seeing your illustrations in it!xxx