Thursday, 18 September 2008

ten years ago

i stumbled across this meme quite some time ago, & planned on having a go, although never got round to it. the idea is to draw yourself as a teenager (people in their twenties who have done it generally go for ten years back), next to your present self, with any difference in style, haircuts etc becoming glaringly obvious, & quite funny. i looked horrendous when i was twelve, & i don't look back fondly on the way i look until about fifteen or sixteen, so i can imagine the contrast for me would be amusing. anyway, have a go if you fancy it, i have a feeling it's something that would suit some of us more than others, but you know.

if you do have a go, the originator can be found compiling a list of everyone who's submitted their drawings here.


John Alan Birch said...

that sounds ace lol! I'll give it a go when i get back from my trip home I imagine :)


jenuine said...

haha, i think you were the one that i expected to have a shot at it.

John Alan Birch said...

Hehe i will, not this week though. Still trying to do the island thing cuz i have an idea that I really like but it isn't working and it's just stressing me!