Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I Love Mondays.

Here's a bunch of sketchbook stuff I've been doing of late. Not been feeling too well this week, just a cold though so I'll hopefully be feeling better after a good sleep tonight. I liked Jen's idea of 'Every Day A Drawing in December' and think I'm going to try that also - I was trying to force myself to draw everyday after reading 'Everyday Matters' last month - but I think that was the problem - I was trying to force it a little too much. Drawing is fun and it should feel that way. I've been drawing a lot more than usual lately and a drawing a day should be more fun knowing that someone else is doing it too...

What my inner self looks like when it snows, while my outer self
 is trying to remain calm and composed at the sight of the snow...

Just a bit of fun. Based on a photo 
I saw on John Darnielle's flickr page.

Today's December drawing. Not too sure where it 
came from but it's a drawing nonetheless.

Yesterday's drawing. I realise it's rather messed up,
 I mean who loves mondays?


hellojenuine said...

love all your little drawings. (:
your chin in the first scared me a bit though, it's not that big! but i thought of you, & how excited you'd be, when i went out in the snow today.

John Alan Birch said...

i know my chin isn't that big - i was just trying to over emphasise the smile without it looking TOO creepy - suppose i didn't succeed though!

catrin jeans said...

where are all your daily drawings dear? i am disappointed!

John Alan Birch said...

I have been drawing daily just haven't had a chance to scan and put them up yet! maybe this weekend :)