Friday, 26 June 2009

A grand day oooooooot


I haven't given up hope of our GRAND day ooooooooot.

I am back in the wilderness for all of July, so how about either the 7th or 8th of August in Edinburgh? There is LOADS on.

I was thinking we could meet afternoon, prance about and then grab some dinner con vino, si?

This is my pick of the bunch: Aleksandra Mir & Nathan Coley. What a PAIR! I am sure there will be so much art, theatre and music, that there will be something for everyone.

SO who is IN?


Anonymous said...

Well from August 1st-9th the Pittenweem Arts Festival is on, Loren and I are working there from July 1st so if anyone fancies a visit on the 8th/9th we could maybe meet there?

catrin jeans said...

Ahhhh, my dear I fear I cannot make it on those dates, as I am working at the Fringe from the 9th and moving to Edinburgh from Huntly. I will try my best. Could anybody else make it around the 6th/7th instead? Or will people be about Edinburgh after that? What is the general consensus?

hellojenuine said...

i'm good for whatever really, as long as it's a sunday/monday! working the rest of the time. :/ though could probably take a day off though.

Lor said...

yep, what tracey said :) x x x