Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Hi everyone, I've made a wee profile for myself on LinkedIn:

and one for Sea Legs, just incase anyone wants to make their own profile and link to it. I'm just trying to change the settings to get my name off as the 'owner'!


hellojenuine said...

haha, my favourite part is that you are tracey smith, of tracey smith illustration.

what do you reckon the benefits of linkedin are? i've been invited to it before but didn't join.

Anonymous said...

Dunno, allows more people to steal your identity?! I think it's more like a cv really but Ijust want to distinguish myself from the other 'you know who' Tracey Smith illustrator :) I suppose that like anything else on the web it might just up your profile a bit if the right people look at it.

hellojenuine said...

but should be proud to share both your name & level of illustration skills with the other tracey smith! i may fill one out, if only so i can look at your full profile, ha.