Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I found out about an interesting exhibition of contemporary graphic art which is well worth a look. ILLUSTRATIVE started in Berlin and having been to Paris and Zurich, is now returning to Berlin for ILLUSTRATIVE 2009. It showcases cutting edge work of more than 60 artists with work covering a range of media from drawing and painting to mural collages and 3D illustrations. The collection of the work is to be exhibitied at the Villa Elisabeth in Berlin and runs from the 15th of October to the 1st of November.

Swatch Young Illustrators Award is looking for entries for Call 2009, where the nominees will be invited to Berlin and get the opportunity to exhibit their work at Illustrative 2009 in Berlin. Winners receive prizes worth 6.000 Euros along with publications and illustration agency contracts. They will also be featured in future international shows. One winner will also get the chance to design a Swatch watch. The Call for entries is open until the end of September so get those pens and brushes out.

All the information can be found at ILLUSTRATIVE 09. Certainly worth checking out.


hellojenuine said...

heehee, i got an e-mail about this too!

Anonymous said...

yep got the same one, read quite a lot of crappy things about them so I'm not sure they're worth promoting :/

hellojenuine said...

i read about it on formfiftyfive too, they must've done a big mail out!

Sanna Dyker said...

They have featured me and sealegs in their links on their website for me promoting them on the two sites so it's always good for a little extra publicity.