Monday, 1 September 2008


the first of september seemed as good a day as any to start this little thing up, so here it is, & here you are. this is sea legs, the name coming from the idea that once you get used to being at sea, you've found your sea legs, & this point in time sees us trying to find our "illustration legs", if you will. also i was listening to "sea legs" by the shins at the time, perhaps a mere coincidence. for now i've invited those who i know have blogs already, & those that i've mentioned this to in person. this can expand if things take off.

as for the plans for this blog, there's nothing strict or set in stone as yet. hopefully those will come once the ball gets rolling, be that by setting mini briefs or whatever. for now it'd be nice to share what we've been doing so far (be that through drawings, photos, or the pondering of ideas), or by posting interesting finds & inspiring artists, any exhibitions you've seen or want to see, opportunities you want to share, etc etc. i'm sure you get the point, just keep it art based. i've added some links to the side bar to start off with, feel free to explore!

alright, i don't think there's much left to say. happy posting!

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