Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Ok lets get this ball rolling.
To keep myself drawing, and to stop the old drawing hand getting rusty i started a little sketchbook called 'Journeys'. I'm pretty bad for starting a sketchbook, and if image isn't exactly how i want it, i dismiss the sketchbook, and give up a little. I needed to get rid of this feeling, for sketchbooks anyway, and it's also good because it's not the sort of sketchbook where i sit for hours going "hmmm, what to draw...". It's a simple concept. Every time i go on in a car, travel by bus, train etc i draw everything i see. Or try to at least. Whatever catches my eye i draw it, and of course i have to draw it quickly. It's proving to be a great way to keep me drawing regularly, to loosen up a little and it's creating a nice little collection of images. Here's a few examples, more can be found on my blog. Plug, plug.



jenuine said...

hooray, i knew you'd be first, heeeehee.
but i do like your little journey book. (:

John Alan Birch said...

Yay for team blogging! I'm just scanning some stuffs in to go on my first entry.

I really like the journeys sketchbook sanna, although I'm sure I already told you this :) Are you considering on expanding any of them at all?