Friday, 13 February 2009

i like your style

Hey guys, it's been absolutely ages since I've blogged I know but here I am again! just finished uploading scans of this sketchbook project Jen and I where doing, hop on over to my blog to have a look if you would, and let me know what you think.


catrin jeans said...

it is very cute. i esp like the pages you have posted above. you should develop this project into a proper wee book and use the above for the cover. are you planning on doing anything with them?

John Alan Birch said...

Well the sketchbook is off on its way to a sketchbook tour in the USA as we speak! It is for sale but I imagine I'll get it back should no one buy it. I like the idea and I may do something with it in due time, the image posted above is spread over 4pages, the middle pages cut out so you can see the pattern through it, i think it's maybe my favourite page from it!

catrin jeans said...

gosh, that is rather exciting. how did you get involved in that?