Saturday, 14 February 2009

new poster by moi

yes. i have been productive for a change!

does anybody have any ideas for this? we are going to have the lease of an empty shop in glesga for a week and we're looking to fill it up with lot's of cool one day projects. everything from posters and drawings on display, bands playing, some wanky performance, diy discos and art zine shops. we're looking for your proposals - maybe of you want to get together and do something?

if you've got any questions then fire them onto Nads, Cathy or moi at the nownow email address. Will anybody be getting involved?


catrin jeans said...

RIGHT, i am a technophobe when it comes to this blog. this poster is not this colour. it is in the CMYK format YET it is changing to a yucky camel coloured background. Could anybody be so kind to explain why this is happening, and how to correct it?

Anonymous said...

I think you can put it into a webspace colour mode or something? I'll ask Craig, he converts his photos before he put them on flickr because it changes them otherwise.x

a bigger splash said...

cool. i actually like the background colour, so i'm no help!