Sunday, 12 July 2009


HELLO! It's been a while since I conversed with any illustration buddies. How are you all? Where you at? What you doing?

I am one curious (nosey) Cat!


hellojenuine said...

hello miss! when is it you are over in edinburgh? i am up for anything fringe related, provided it's sun/mon or that i can take the day off work, or that i don't have plans already. all i've been doing is working lately, haven't seen anyone!

catrin jeans said...

Not entirely sure yet. I think the 9th of Aug until the 1st of Sept, however I don't know when I am free yet. I AM SUPER EXCITED! It will be nice to see you all and hang oot together.

How is the job? What kind of things are you doing? Having FUN?

Livejasmin said...

Thank you